Why Knock Monitor Pro vs Others?

In 2017 we created the Tuner Knock Monitor software in response to our fellow tuners needing a cheap knock detection solution. While our filters were bar none the strongest on the market, we discovered the same problems typical knock detection hardware would have experienced. We learned that engine knock at 3000 RPM could be quieter than knock at 6000 RPM! If we wanted to capture knock at low engine speeds, we had to lower the threshold, but by the time it reaches high RPM the sound would be considered knock and give a false reading.

This is because the noise floor rises as engine speed increases, and the noise would be higher than the set threshold. At that point we realized that a majority of other popular knock detection systems weren’t doing their best job either because they all had a static threshold. We knew you needed more – dynamic threshold that changes with engine speed.

How knock sensor produces sound as the engine speed rises. Notice the knock amplitude and the noise floor increases with engine speed? This is why a dynamic threshold was necessary.

Welcome the Knock Monitor Pro. We combined tuner feedbacks, tons of logs and several iterations of our hardware and software to give you a working solution. With a dynamic threshold you will be significantly less likely to be reading a false knock signal. This system will not only assure you that what you are hearing is indeed knock, but you can replay the logs endlessly just to make sure. Not only will it tell you when it occurred, but at what boost and (if available) what AFR!

You can even drive your car while the data is recorded, no need to be eye balling a device or strangling your ears to hear knock over the sound of external wastegates, or that V8 screamer on the dyno.

The best part of it? We created this for the tuners and hobbyist alike to have a proper tool without breaking the piggybank.

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