TN Meth Injection Kit

TN Methanol Injection Kit

Fully Progressive Water-Methanol Injection Kit

    • Latest technology (pump, nozzles, solenoids)
    • ProMeth components
    • FrostByte Controller with 3D table for MAP vs RPM vs Meth flow
    • Injector Duty Cycle follower and multiplier
    • Pulse fast acting valves (PWM)
    • Pump pulse control
    • Failsafe cuts boost on low level or low pressure situations
    • Independent map sensor supported
    • Fully progressive system

Standard Package

This package contains everything you need to equip your street or race car with fully-progressive PWM controlled water-methanol injection. Most turbocharged cars expecting to extract 10% to 20% more power is able to do so with this kit.

Direct Port Package

This package contains the standard package components along with direct port fittings for 4, 6 or 8 cylinders. This is recommended for those who want every last drop of reliable HP out of their system.

If running a non-turbocharged nitrous motor then a direct port is highly recommended over the standard package.


General tuning guide is given to all customers specific to their application