Knock Control Unit

Knock Control Unit

Injector clogged under boost? Car detonates? Engine fried? Do not be that guy!

Retrofit your 4 cylinder engine with knock protection. This is designed for ECUs that have no knock protection or really outdated ECUs that are inflexible and non configurable.

How it works

Knock detection on this device is completely automatic. It reads MAP or TPS and RPM to memorize the conditions under which knock occurred. It then retards timing based on the intensity of the detonation it records.
It will memorize the RPM and MAP (or TPS) conditions that this retard was needed, and slowly return timing to normal once no knock is detected. Max timing retard is user configurable.

How accurate is it?

This device was built based on information learned from the Knock Monitor Pro. It is as accurate as the knock signals it receives.

Timing retard is also as accurate as it gets. This was verified using oscilloscopes from 500 to 15,000 RPM.

Knock Light Output

An LED output is provided that illuminates whenever knock activity is detected.


What’s Included

  • 1x Knock Control Unit
  • 1x Bosch Knock Sensor Pigtail
  • 1x Wire harness
  • 1x USB cable


  • Can this work with other ECUs? Yes. As long as the engine is using 1 to 4 coil outputs.
  • Does this produce audio recording or logs? No, that feature is reserved for the Knock Monitor Pro.
  • How many inputs does this device require? Requires 3 inputs: Knock sensor, MAP (or TPS) and RPM.


  • ECtune | HTS | Neptune based Honda ECU (P28, P06,P30,etc)
  • Megasquirt
  • Honda Rulez COP
  • FuelTech FT450, 550
  • Other 4 Cylinder based ECUs