FrostByte V2

FrostByte Methanol Injection Controller

Upgrade your methanol system or build your own. With fuel table-like control of methanol flow – RPM vs boost, this system is sufficient for 99% of meth injection setups. Offering superior flow control over traditional “progressive” systems, tuners sometimes call this the extra injector.










  • 3D table for MAP vs RPM vs Meth flow
  • Can be used for auxiliary fuelling such as on direct injected engines
  • Injector Duty Cycle follower and multiplier
  • Pulse fast acting valves
  • Pump pulse control
  • Failsafe on low level or low pressure switch
  • Independent map sensor supported
  • Fully progressive linear system
  • Data log with graphing abilities
  • Can pulse fuel injectors

How it works
TN Frostbyte taps into your car’s sensors and then converts that into live information to control fuel flow from a load based 3D table.


  • TN Frostbyte has superior flow control over regular meth systems
  • Less time adjusting fuel in the ECU’s main table
  • No dripping from nozzle
  • Less worry about choosing correct nozzle sizes
  • low level and low pressure failsafes
  • PROMO sale at $285